Summer adventure is waiting ahead

Summer adventure is waiting ahead

Summer adventure is waiting ahead

Summer is here. It’s also time for a family travel. Adventure is waiting ahead – singing on the way and playing with the licence plate game. Only good preparations can save from potential holidays-busting incidents. It’s essential to pack light but still ensure your little ones have everything to be the best travel bodies.

Own pharmacy on the way

A first aid kit is a must-have in any travel with kids. You never know what incident expects you next few days so it’s worth to prepare for any occasions. No matter if it’s headaches, bruises, sunburn, or mosquitos. You will be well settled if you have bandages, antibiotic ointment, acetaminophen, antibacterial hand wipes, even sunscreen, bug/mosquitos spray and aloe vera.

Healthy Snacks

You have just hit the road? That’s the moment when kids start asking for snacks. It’s worth to prepare healthy options for that. It can carrot or cheese sticks, grapes, pretzels, apples. Snacks free of sugar and crabs will make your kids full and happy.

Be ready to charge on the way

It’s not good to let your kids spend all day long in front of the screen. But sometimes you can use an hour or two of silence while kids are busy with the favourite movie or game. Remember to pack a portable charger so the battery wouldn’t let you down.

Listen what you want

While kids are entertained with the device you don’t want to listen to the movie sounds. Bring headphones with you to avoid that problem. Some kids can’t stand the earbuds so it might be useful to prepare over-the-ear wireless headphones. If you have two kids watching one movie on the same tablet it’s worth to bring along the headphone splitter if their tablet has a single headphone jack.

 Cool approach

The most convenient way to keep drinks and food cold is a cooler. It will save you from extra pit-stops. Additionally, you can also use it as a bench on your stops.


Books and games are must-have on the road when you travel with kids. Travel Tray is the best solution when it’s time to draw, read, play boards games or use a device.  

Nothing dirty, all clean

If laundry is planned on your travel, bring laundry bags. They will help to avoid any confusion with dirty and clean clothes. It’s worth to prepare two laundry bags. One for dark and one for light stuff.

Sport is fun

It’s practical to have sport gear on your road trp. It encourages to make stops and play around all together. Any balls are good enough to bring fun.

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